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PRIMAL Natural Sponges

Every year we dump billions of tons of waste worldwide, overconsumption of resources and production of plastics brought about a global waste crisis; air, water and soil pollution does not pass without trace for any of the planet’s ecosystems; many animals, birds, marine life and plants have already felt the harmful effects of the world in progress.

Environmental issues are increasingly affecting humanity, and society is deeply feeling the harmful impact that modern lifestyle have on our only planet. The number of people supporting the environmental movement is constantly growing. As consumers become more susceptible to the health of the planet, manufacturers around the world are looking for ways to use materials that have less impact on the environment. As a result, we are seeing a steady increase in the popularity of eco-friendly and biodegradable alternatives to traditional packaging. 

Since paper and cardboard are some of the most recycled, biodegradable and eco-friendly materials in the world, we decided to use them for the corresponding products - natural sponges. PRIMAL sponges are made of cellulose and sisal fiber. The main advantages of the packaging and the sponges themselves are their naturalness, plant base and biodegradability.

PRIMAL Natural Sponges 2.jpg

At the moment, consumers cannot purchase natural and biodegradable sponges in a package that would have the same properties. In the global market of household goods, manufacturers use non-recyclable packaging and polyurethane sponges. Meanwhile, PRIMAL sponges and their packaging are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, which will undoubtedly attract a rapidly growing group of consumers supporting the environmental movement.

PRIMAL Natural Sponges 1.jpg

PRIMAL logo design plays on the idea of a product preserved in a natural, primal state that has existed since time immemorial. PRIMAL logo perfectly complements the packaging design and stands out for its detail. The unity of style of PRIMAL natural sponges’ packaging and logo design is evident. The logo feels complete and self-sufficient.

We wanted to pay tribute to our unique planet and its patient inhabitants, therefore we developed a special packaging design concept for PRIMAL natural sponges in a traditional, labor-intensive, detailed and authentic linocut technique. Making a linocut is a laborious, painstaking and lengthy process. Firstly, all illustrations were created and approved on paper, and only after that they were transferred to linoleum. Then we cut out all the elements on the linoleum and made a print on paper. After all the details have been worked out, the print was scanned and finalized in a graphic editor. Each packaging for PRIMAL natural sponges has its own environment, color scheme and a unique window that differentiate products from each other. The color scheme for each package was made consistent with the colors of the product inside the package.

PRIMAL Natural Sponges 3.jpg
PRIMAL Natural Sponges 4.jpg
PRIMAL Natural Sponges 7.jpg

All illustrations are unique and were created with love. The design concept is based on the idea that animals, birds, marine life and plants will be grateful to humanity for the use of biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials. If the inhabitants of our planet could express words of gratitude to every person who made a choice in the direction of natural products and packaging, they would do so.

PRIMAL Natural Sponges 6.jpg
PRIMAL Natural Sponges 5.jpg
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